Grand Lodge of New York


Apr 20, 2021 - 6:30pm - 68 Elizabeth Street, Dansville, NY 14437
Stated Communication
Forest #166
Apr 20, 2021 - 7:30pm - 321 East Main Street, Fredonia, NY 14063-0047
Forest #166, in Fredonia, New York, holds bi-monthly Stated Communications on the first and third Tuesday of the month. The meeting, held at 321 East Main Street in Fredonia, NY 14063-0047, starts at 7:30pm. Contact the lodge to determine the purp...
Apr 20, 2021 - 7:30pm - 2 S Middletown Rd, Pearl River, NY 10965
Officers and Brethren of Athelstane Lodge No. 839 will be conferring the Entered Apprentice Degree.  COVID Rules will be in effect.  Masks are mandatory prior to entering the building and through out the evening. Paper aprons will be provided to a...
Apr 21, 2021 - 6:30pm - Masonic Hall, Walden, NY 12586
Wallkill Lodge #627, will hold an Entered Apprentice Degree and Stated Communication at 61 Main Street, Walden NY12586. Attire for the evening is Lodge Business Casual. The Officers will be required to wear a Tuxedo. Please RSVP when possible, so ...
Apr 21, 2021 - 7:00pm - 2836 US Route 20, Cazenovia, NY 13035

We will be having a tiled meeting.

Apr 21, 2021 - 7:30pm - 523 Main St, Cairo, NY 12413
Lodge 25, 50 and other Recognition Awards will be presented to worthy Brothers.This will be a joint meeting with ourf Kedemah Brothers. This way we can present awards to brothers of both Lodges on the same nnight.

Stated Communication
Amherst #981
Apr 21, 2021 - 7:30pm - 5808 Main Street, Williamsville, NY 14221
If Erie County is in COVID Yellow, Orange or Red status the meeting will be cancelled and the Lodge will informally meet via Zoom.

Join Zoom Meeting ID: 834 9116 0...
Apr 21, 2021 - 7:30pm - 394 Princetown Road, Schenectady, NY 12306
Officers's meeting at 6:30 p.m. prior to regular meeting. 

Going forward, meetings, with the exception of the upcoming Summoned Communication, will be in lodge and virtual meeting to give those who are not able to attend lodge or live out of th...
Apr 22, 2021 - 6:30pm - Honeoye Masonic Temple 4994 County Road #36 Honeoye, NY 14471
Eastern Star Open House - Come see what we're all about!

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome.

Dinner 6:30 PM

Meeting 7:30 PM

RSVP w/Secretary Elaine Milner (585)346-6018 or
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Raffle drawing
Dundee #123
Apr 22, 2021 - 7:00pm - 15 Main Street, Dundee, NY 14837
The winning tickets for the Amazon Gift Cards will be drawn at 7:00 P.M. on Thursday April the 22nd, 2021 at the Lodge.  ALL SOLD TICKET STUBS AND MONIES MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE SECRETARY NO LATER THEN 6:30 P.M. ON THURSDAY APRIL 22ND, 2021.  IF ...

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Recent News

Lorelei Chapter No. 581 Order of the eastern Star, State of New York Virtual Lecture
Lorelei Chapter No. 581 Order of the eastern Star, State of New York invites you to attend a virtual lecture entitled "Why Nation Building Matters and the Role of Civil Sociery" by R/W/ David Mnego...
Blood Drive Nassau District
Major blood emergency caused by the Pandemic!Please find it in your heart to donate. February 26th - Friday 3pm to 6pm Scottish Rite Temple 28 Lincoln Ave Rockville Centre NY 
Masonic Development Course
Brethren,The Masonic Development Course for the First, Second & Third Kings Districts will be held on Zoom on the following dates: Entered Apprentice Session - Saturday, February 27th 3:00-6:00 ...
“2021 Lecture Series” "The Freemason Film" Thursday, April 22, 2021, 7:30 PM - "Autographed Copy of the Freemasons DVD Available"
The Virtual Zoom “2021 Lecture Series” "The Freemason Film" Thursday, April 22, 2021, 7:30 PM , R:.W:. Michael Toth the film producer of the legendary film “The Freemasons”, and lecturer, will prov...
Monday April 5, 2021: Stated Meeting
Monday April 5, 2021: Stated Meeting   Nine Masons were in attendance at Ashlar Lodge to enjoy the ‘Ham Radio and Masons’ presentation put on by Lodge Master and Ham Radio Operator Arek Gordo...
2021 Lecture Series - Transformational Leadership Lecture by R:.W:. E. Oscar Alleyne, Junior Grand Warden - April 8th, 2021 at 7:30 PM
Aurora Grata- Day Star Lodge No. 647   Fraternally and cordially invites all masons, friends, and families to its “2021 Lecture Series” "Transformational Leadership" By R:.W:. E. Oscar...
Greetings my dear Brother, This month we spent time spreading hope and help to those in need.  Brother Secretary, W:. Norman Avchen and I delivered donations from our Lodge to Long Island Cares,...
Guiding Light Olympia HELPS those in need
W:. Norman Avchen and W:. Arthur Myers delivering our donation to The INN (The Interfaith Nutrition Network) and Mary Brennen Soup Kitchen  
I was again thinking of our friend and Brother, Linton Smith. Linton was a good friend and masonic mentor to me, and here’s a little story and history about Lin that I’d like to share.  I was in...
Guiding Light - Olympia Donates to Long Island Cares
  Here’s an article published by: long_island_cares If everything you know about the #Masons you learned from Nicolas Cage in "National Treasure" - put down the Declaration of Independence and l...
Grand Master's Address
MW Past Grand Masters, Distinguished East, Brethren, Ladies and Guests,  As I stand before you as your Grand Master is both humbled and excited. And to use the words of a certain Grand Commander of...


Grand Master
William M. Sardone
Deputy Grand Master
Richard J. Kessler
Senior Grand Warden
Charles M. Roberts
Junior Grand Warden
Elquemedo Oscar Alleyne
Grand Treasurer
Steven Adam Rubin
Grand Secretary
Richard T. Schulz
Grand Marshal
Ed Bartels
Deputy Grand Marshal
John Haslam Sr
Senior Grand Deacon
David J. Menegon
Junior Grand Deacon
Lawrence M. Kania
Grand Standard Bearer
Scott D. Peat
Deputy Grand Standard Bearer
Peter C. Stein
Grand Historian
Gary L. Heinmiller
Grand Lecturer
Richard C. Friedman
Judge Advocate
Paul G. Huck
Michael G. Postiglione
Grand Pursuviant
Richard W. Bateman
Grand Tiler
Anthony F. Adamo
Grand Organists
Eric S. Howd, Frank L. Miller, Jordan Kaplan, Stephen A. Rumpf, Francis K. Wilcox, Donald C. Hamman
Grand Lodge Officers Emeriti
Gary A. Henningsen, Gilbert Savitzky, Harvey A. Eysman, Joseph A. Quarequio
District Grand Lodge of Syria-Lebanon
Leon G. Zeitounalian, Raffy H. Timonian, Tarek Issa
Office of the Grand Secretary
Wendy Furdyna, Richard T. Schulz, Alexander S. Vastola, Martin L. Richards, Jessica Cornejo, Jacqueline Florencio, Joseph Patzner, Christine E. Hesch, Ratirat Osiri, Kathleen Shanahan-Towey, Richard W. Bateman, Klara Bolotovsky, David Y. Cabral, David C. Noonan, Victoria Lipovchenko
Past Grand Masters
William J. Thomas, Jeffrey M. Williamson, Gary A. Henningsen, Carl J. Smith, Ed Trosin, Edward G. Gilbert, Vincent Libone, James E. Sullivan, Carl J. Fitje, Robert D. Stack
Past Senior Grand Wardens
Charles P. Uhle, Richard S. Morley, Duncan M. Bellinger, Reinold H. Nelson, Alan J. Morgan, Dennis A. Breheny, John R. Fuller, W. Bruce Renner, Thomas M. "Tim" McMullin
Past Junior Grand Wardens
Nicholas J. Paolicelli, Paul N. O'Neill, Frederic A. Williams Jr, Stephen S. King, Sandy F. Samson, Norman E. Moon, Ralph W. Bailey, Richard C. Friedman, William B. Fink Jr
Past Grand Treasurers
Werner H. Kniesel, Marino Cesarini, Peter A. Flihan III, Gilbert Savitzky, Robert D. Stack, Joseph A. Quarequio
Past Grand Secretaries
Richard W. Bateman, Vincent Libone, Gary A. Henningsen, Gilbert Savitzky
Commission Of Appeals
Joseph A. Quarequio, Michael E. Storck, James Holden Jr, Marino Cesarini, Jeffrey W. Halbreich, Gilbert C. Ferrer
Commission of Appeals Emeritus
Hon. John M. Leventhal, Alan M. Schlesinger
Trustees of the Masonic Hall & Home
Keith W. Heinrich, Joseph J. Saglimbene, Michael J. Siegel, David P. Spencer, George Filippidis, G. Michael Morris, Nathan D. Lipper, G. Stephen Getman, Christopher J. Hough
Masonic Hall & Home Administrative Staff
Jill Wynne, Robert J. Raffle, Kathy Contino - Turner, Denise Wright - Scott, Nikole Kniesel - Kelly
Trustees Emeriti Masonic Hall & Home
David F. Stoy, Paul D. Reitz, Griffith Jones III, Werner H. Kniesel, John R. Fuller, Louis R. Rosenthal, Gilbert Savitzky, Frederic A. Williams Jr, George D. Blasch
Directors of the Masonic Medical Research Institute
Peter R. Gray, Pasquale Imbimbo Jr, David D. Goodwin, Virgilio S. Quijano, Richard J. Kessler, William M. Sardone, Robert A. Hewson, Michael A. Chaplin MD, Richard J. Miller Jr, Francesco Santoni, David F. Schneeweiss, Laurence I. Sussman, Sheldon B. Richman, James D. Swan Jr, Vincent Cunzio, Alvaro F. Quiroga, Paul A. Guerrero
Masonic Medical Research Institute Administrative Staff
Maria Kontaridis PhD, Bro. Alex Simon, Bro. Anthony F. Cucci
Directors Emeriti Masonic Medical Research Institute
Paul N. O'Neill, Albert J. Wright III, John P. Chang, Victor G. Webb
Trustees of the Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Masonic Library
Martin Vincent Benedict, Demetrios G. Melis, Edward A. Chiani, Edward G. Gilbert, Richard J. Kessler, Stephen S. King, S. Marlon Gayadeen, C. F. William Maurer III, Frank C. Rice II, Erik M. Strohl, Clifford T. Jacobs, Walter E. Cook IV, Lawrence B. Wolff, William M. Sardone, Richard T. Schulz, David F. Velkas, David A. Pearlmutter
Trustees Emeriti of the Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Masonic Library
R. Curtiss Montgomery II, Fred G. Hickein, Barry Mallah, Richard W. Ward, Edward P. Fagan Jr, Richard H. Eberle, Andrew B. Hengst Jr, Richard J. Powell, W. Bruce Renner, Richard C. Mills, Scott D. Peat
Directors of the Masonic War Veterans Grand Post
Jack G. Dombrowski, Donald R. Kunego, Harrison Greene, David P. Hummel, Thomas R. Sawyer, Raymond Roche, Frederick J. Newton, William M. Sardone, Carl R. Hoyt Sr, Jose A. Rodriguez, Robert T. Mantia, Stephen S. Dreizler, Brian E. Will
Masonic Brotherhood Foundation, Inc.
Steven Adam Rubin, William B. Fink Jr, Robert D. Stack, Marino Cesarini, Carl J. Fitje, Martin L. Kanter, Bruce Testut, Stephen S. King, Carl J. Smith, James E. Sullivan, David F. Schneeweiss, Jeffrey M. Williamson, Richard J. Kessler, Elquemedo Oscar Alleyne, Richard T. Schulz, Charles M. Roberts, William J. Thomas, Vincent Libone, William M. Sardone
Past Grand Marshals
George D. Emmons, Robert J. Servidio, John W. Krupp, James R. Kintzel
Past Deputy Grand Marshal
Richard H. Swann, Jr.
Past Senior Grand Deacons
Christopher J. Hough, Alfred B. Dais, Clayton (Bob) R. Ruggles, Griffith Jones III, Dennis G. Feldman
Past Junior Grand Deacons
Alonza F. Lloyd, Sr.
Past Grand Standard Bearers
Charles E. Bateman, William R. DuBois, Biagio Valenti, John P. Dwyer, James R. MacConnell, Frederic A. Williams Jr, Michael T. Brockbank, Donald J. Kaiser, Kenneth E. Kohlhagen, Kenneth E. Wagner, Paul Barrera Jr
Past Deputy Grand Standard Bearers
Anthony F. Adamo
Past Grand Lecturers
Charles E. Toombs, Robert W. Strang Jr
Past Proctor
Marshal D. Shichtman, Harvey A. Eysman, Michael E. Storck
Past Grand Pursuivants
Joseph A. Peloso
Past Judge Advocate
Daniel M. Semel
Past Grand Tilers
Ronald B. Galens
Board of Past Grand Masters
Carl J. Fitje, Vincent Libone, Edward G. Gilbert, Jeffrey M. Williamson, Gary A. Henningsen, Carl J. Smith, Ed Trosin, James E. Sullivan, Robert D. Stack, William J. Thomas
Grand Chaplains
John E. de Meurers Sr, Thomas J. Carbone, David P. Bowman, Rev Stephen Maddox, Stenrick B. Adams, Bruce W. Chapman, Stanley F. Craig, Glenn A. Duffy, John P. Fahey Jr, James E. Fletcher, Federico L. Larrinaga, Wainright G. McKenzie Sr, Joel V. Pal, Ronald E. Sinclair, Howard C. Smith, James F. Tyrrell, David M. Underwood, Jose L. Valencia Jr, Kenneth E. Wagner, William M. Wilcox, Douglas L. Beachard, Bert Mayne, Robert M. Schvey, Vincenzo Salce, James L. Luckner, John H. Hill, Mark D. Isaacs, Joseph Potasnik, Thomas E. Pullyblank, Ronald J. Reid, John C. Smith, Robert C. Wollaber, John A. Califano, James J. Van de Wal, Brian E. Will, James M. Brand
Grand Chaplains Emeriti
David B. Ewen , Joseph Hoffer III, Gordon W. Knapp, Nestor J. L'Heureux, Jr., Charles M. Roberts, William Stubba, Martin W. Leukhardt, Richard B. Broyles, Robert J. Cave, Harold N. Coller, Andrew D. Peloubet, Frederick E. Rogers, Richard H. Welkley, David J. Williamson, Louis R. Schenck Jr
Grand Historian and Area Historians
Norbert Heuser, Nathan E. Tweedie, Steven J. Joyce, Christopher L. Allen, George N. Caswell, John T. Sargent, John E. Zabel, Peter M. Filim, Charles J. Mackey, Michael A. Hernandez, Michael G. Boyajian, Shawn P. Doyle, Gary L. Heinmiller, Kenneth R. Howe Jr, Richard L. Giordano, Charles E. Knapp Jr, Francis I. Karwowski, Allan M. Bryant Sr, Gary L. Heinmiller, Philip J. Soyring, Thomas C. Abraham
Grand Lecturer and Regional Assistant Grand Lecturers
Ted Volkert, Robert Drzewucki, William H. Toth II, John E. Zabel, Daniel G. Lort, Ted Volkert, Nicholas J. Glassman, James A Cobb, Michael D. Weisberg, Pasquale Imbimbo Jr, Michael J. Siegel, Richard C. Friedman, Stewart C. McCloud III
Proctor and Regional Deputy Proctors
Michael G. Postiglione, Jeffrey E. Mcmorris, Alexander M. Dudelson, Nathan A. Shoff Esq, Mark J. Loughran
Grand Representatives
James J. Finke, Anthony F. DeSiena, Stefan Bojsiuk, Mike Driver, Harold L. Aldrich, William G. Cohen, Thomas G. Piper, Robert V. Hunt, Mark K. Suckle, Carl J. Smith, David C. Gonyea, Terry M. Emerson, Yairton Garcia, Robert J. Raffle, Joseph J. Burke, Leland P. Barnes Jr, Douglas B. Carroll, Steven Adam Rubin, George S. Klein, Joseph A. Quarequio, Carl J. Fitje, Hugh E. Patterson, Agustin Paz Sr, Francis G. Dumaurier, Eduardo Romero, Michele Mestolo, George A. Harrison, Piers A. Vaughan, Paul E. Mossberg, Edwin Siegel, Paul D. Reitz, David P. Spencer, Richard W. Bateman, Carlos E. Villalobos, Harry N. Pateroulakis, Jeffrey M. Williamson, Nazmi M. Talimcioglu, William J. Thomas, Valentin T. Basiga Jr, Werner H. Kniesel, Stephen R. Whittaker, John Walker Robinson, Dennis A. Daugherty, Gary A. Henningsen, Clifford T. Jacobs, Robert J. Matoskey, Vincent Libone, Daniel M. Semel, Bruce S. Reed, Colin W. Oakenfull, Dominick Vitucci, Robert Russell, Gary M. Mandel, Howard F. Isserles, Martin L. Richards, Harvey A. Eysman, Morris A. Weller, Fernando Martinez

Grand Lodge of New York

The Grand Lodge of the State of New York has a long history dating back over 228 years and is the governing body of Freemasonry in the State of New York. The Grand Lodge of the State of New York is headed by the Grand Master who is aided by a team of officers both elected and appointed.